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3 Best Websites to Learn Programming for Beginners in 2021

Programming is turning into one of the most popular professions of the 21st century. As more and more of the world is shifting towards technological advancement, people are looking for programmers in various industries. Web development is a requirement of every single business, which is why it is a necessary skill if you are trying to make your place in the corporate world. Luckily with the increase in the online world, you can find programming courses to become the best in your field. You can use these courses to find the right set of skills and can easily get a job at a web development agency if you are good enough.

Learn to Code Online

Programming is one of those skills that you can learn from the comfort of your home. with new interactive courses and websites dedicating their resources to teach you programming. You will be able to reach your goal of becoming an expert programmer with the help of multiple programming courses. As you read on, you will find the best websites that provide these courses and are reviewed by many users in the past.

Best Websites to Learn Programming

Khan Academy

The website is a great and interactive way to learn programming as a skill for a beginner. You can get your hands on many exceptional videos given by real-life teachers with the help of technology. Khan Academy has millions of students learning different skills and excelling in life. You can be one of those success stories. The great thing about the resources at Khan Academy is that they are available in over 35 languages. This ensures that language is no longer a barrier when it comes to learning.


Not everyone can be a part of the prestigious universities of Harvard and MIT. However, if you are looking for programming courses, you can use the facilities at EDX that are founded by Harvard and MIT. The joint venture is open source and nonprofit, which means that the courses are absolutely free. The students on the platform are from all over the world. This allows a student such as yourself to overcome geographical and time zone barriers and learn to program. While you are on EDX, you can also find additional courses to take and can gain further expertise in your field.

Code School

Looking to become the next expert programmer to join the world of technology? You can rely on code school to provide you with all the information and knowledge needed. The website offers an interactive experience for anyone eager to learn and provides various different languages that students can choose from. Code school provides access to instructors that help and assist in whatever way possible. You will be able to find videos and lessons as part of your programming courses. If you have the will to learn, code school is the place that can provide you with all the resources.

You can find knowledge as long as you look

Unlike the past, where the only way to gain knowledge was with years of education, the online world allows people to expand their horizons of skills from the comfort of their homes. With the many websites available that provide programming courses, you can be the best at whatever you wish to become. With the internet, you never have to leave your house and be the best version of yourself. However, keep in mind that studying from home is no piece of cake, and it requires that same dedication and practice to become the best.

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